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Tourism Economics, 22 (4) ,August 2016

  • Special issue: Spatial and sectorial impact studies in tourism Guest editors: João Romão and Peter Nijkamp
  • Articles
    • Pedro Pintassilgo, Jaume Rosselló, Maria Santana-Gallego, and Elisabeth Valle
    • The economic dimension of climate change impacts on tourism: The case of Portugal
    • João Romão, João Guerreiro, and Paulo M. M. Rodrigues
    • Tourism growth and regional resilience: The ‘beach disease’ and the consequences of the global crisis of 2007
    • Mustafa Terzioglu and Ummuhan Gokovali
    • Economic linkages and leakages in the hotel industry: The first empirical evidence from Turkey
    • Elisabeth Kastenholz, Celeste Eusébio, and Maria João Carneiro
    • Purchase of local products within the rural tourist experience context
    • María Tugores and Elisabeth Valle
    • Innovation, hotel occupancy, and regional growth
    • Stefan F. Schubert
    • A short-run model of a two-sector economy with tourism and unemployment
    • Valerio Lacagnina and Davide Provenzano
    • An integrated fuzzy-stochastic model for revenue management: The hospitality industry case
    • Bart Neuts, João Romão, Peter Nijkamp, and Asami Shikida
    • Market segmentation and their potential economic impacts in an ecotourism destination: An applied modelling study on Hokkaido, Japan
    • Jamie M. Chen, Junzhou Zhang, and Peter Nijkamp
    • A regional analysis of willingness-to-pay in Asian cruise markets
    • Ana Pinto Borges, Paula Rodrigues, and Álvaro Matias
    • Customer satisfaction and expenditure behaviour in musical festivals: The optimus primavera sound case study
    • Lorenzo Zirulia
    • ‘Should I stay or should I go?’: Weather forecasts and the economics of ‘short breaks’
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