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Southern Economic Journal,Volume 82,Issue3, January 2016



Sabotage versus Discouragement: Which Dominates Post Promotion Tournament Behavior? by David Johnson and Timothy C. Salmon

Identifying the causal effect of alcohol abuse on the perpetration of intimate partner violence by men using a natural experiment  by Susan L. Averett and Yang Wang

Enforcement, Socioeconomic Diversity, and Tax Filing Compliance in the United States  by James Alm, Jeremy Clark and Kara Leibel

Openness of the economy, terms of trade, and arms by Carlos Seiglie

Seller Beware: Supply and Demand Reduction and Price Manipulation in Multiple-Unit Uniform Price Auctions by Abel M. Winn, Michael L. Parente and David Porter

State bloc versus individual delegate voting at the constitutional convention: Did it make a difference?  By Paul D. Carlsen and Jac C. Heckelman

When Identifying Contributors is Costly: An Experiment on Public Goods  by Anya Samek and Roman M. Sheremeta

Patents, R&D subsidies, and endogenous market structure in a schumpeterian economy  by

Angus C. Chu, Yuichi Furukawa and Lei Ji

What Blows in with the Wind? By Dakshina G. De Silva, Robert P. McComb and Anita R. Schiller

Endogenous Price Leadership and the Strategic Acquisition of Information by Scott M. Gilpatric and Youping Li

Incumbent Response to Entry by Low-Cost Carriers in the U.S. Airline Industry by Kerry M. Tan

Hot Spot Policing: A Study of Place-Based Strategies for Crime Prevention by Natalia Lazzati and Amilcar A. Menichini

The Impact of Research and Development on Economic Growth and Productivity in the U.S. States  by  Luisa R. Blanco, Ji Gu and James E. Prieger

Unionization, market structure, and economic growth by Lei Ji, Juin-Jen Chang and Chien-Yu Huang

All entrepreneurial productivity increases are not created equal by Arup Bose, Debashis Pal and David E. M. Sappington

The role of new media on teen sexual behaviors and fertility outcomes—the case of 16 and Pregnant  by Jennifer Trudeau

Optimal wages for politicians by Mohammad Reza Mirhosseini

URL : http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/soej.v82.3/issuetoc 

Courtesy : Wiley online library

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