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Southern Economic Journal ,Volume 83,Issue1, July 2016



Sex, Race, and Job Satisfaction Among Highly Educated Workers  by Joni Hersch and Jean Xiao

The Impact of the ACA’s Extension of Coverage to Dependents on Young Adults’ Access to Care and Prescription Drugs  by Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Mehmet E. Yaya

State Firearm Sales and Criminal Activity: Evidence from Firearm Background Checks  by Matthew Lang

Impact of Rebates and Refunds on Contributions to Threshold Public Goods: Evidence from a Field Experiment  by Matthew Donazzan, Nisvan Erkal and Boon Han Koh

Experiments on Electronic Double Auctions and Abnormal Trades by Lucy F. Ackert, Lei Jiang and Li Qi

The Max-Min Group Contest: Weakest-link (Group) All-Pay Auction  by Subhasish M. Chowdhury, Dongryul Lee and Iryna Topolyan

Information Effects in Uniform Price Multi-Unit Dutch Auctions  by Joy Buchanan, Steven Gjerstad and David Porter

The Impact of SNAP Vehicle Asset Limits on Household Asset Allocation  by Deokrye Baek and Christian Raschke

Free Trade Agreements and Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Endogeneity and Dynamics  by Robert Reed, Christina Lira, Lee Byung-Ki and Junsoo Lee

Endogenous Efficiency Gains from Mergers by Gamal Atallah

CSR in an Asymmetric Duopoly with Environmental Externality  by Luca Lambertini, Arsen Palestini and Alessandro Tampieri

Golden Rules of Wages  by Andrew T. Young and Hernando Zuleta

Accounting for Skill Premium Patterns: Evidence from the EU Accession by Sang-Wook (Stanley) Cho and Julián P. Díaz

Fixed Export Costs and Export Behavior by Luis Castro, Ben G. Li, Keith E. Maskus and Yiqing Xie

URL : http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/soej.v83.1/issuetoc

Courtesy :Wiley Online library

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