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Journal of World Trade, Volume 50, ISSUE 4 (2016)



‘WTO and Export Restrictions’, Gabrielle Marceau, Issue 4, pp. 563–586

‘The Protection of Labour Rights in Trade Agreements: The Case of the EU-Colombia Agreement’, Axel Marx, Brecht Lein, Nicolás Brando, Issue 4, pp. 587–610

‘The Extra-Jurisdictional Effects of Environmental Measures in the WTO Law Balancing Process’, Ulrike Will, Issue 4, pp. 611–640

‘Handling WTO Disputes with the Private Sector: The Triumphant Brazilian Experience’, Amrita Bahri, Issue 4, pp. 641–674

‘Permitting Moral Imperialism? The Public Morals Exception to Free Trade at the Bar of the World Trade Organization’, Ming Du, Issue 4, pp. 675–703

‘Russia and Energy Issues under the WTO System’, Sherzod Shadikhodjaev, Issue 4, pp. 705–731

‘Silk Road Economic Belt: Can Old BITs Fulfil China’s New Initiative?’, Jie (Jeanne) Huang, Issue 4, pp. 733–754

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