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The Review of Economic Studies, Volume 83, Issue 4, October2016



Endogenous Depth of Reasoning  by Larbi Alaoui and Antonio Penta

Climate and the Emergence of Global Income Differences  by Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, Carl-Johan Dalgaard, and Pablo Selaya

Self-Fulfilling Credit Cycles  by  Costas Azariadis, Leo Kaas, and Yi Wen

Torture and the Commitment Problem by  Sandeep Baliga and Jeffrey C. Ely

Robustly Coalition-Proof Incentive Mechanisms for Public Good Provision are Voting Mechanisms and Vice Versa  by Felix J. Bierbrauer and Martin F. Hellwig

Health, Risky Behaviour and the Value of Medical Innovation for Infectious Disease by  Tat Y. Chan, Barton H. Hamilton, and Nicholas W. Papageorge

Shrinkage Estimation of High-Dimensional Factor Models with Structural Instabilities  by  Xu Cheng, Zhipeng Liao, and Frank Schorfheide

Learning and Coordination in the Presidential Primary System by  George Deltas, Helios Herrera, and Mattias K. Polborn

Social Experimentation with Interdependent and Expanding Technologies by  Umberto Garfagnini and Bruno Strulovici

Can Self-Help Groups Really Be “Self-Help”? by  Brian P. Greaney, Joseph P. Kaboski, and Eva Van Leemput

First Impressions Matter: Signalling as a Source of Policy Dynamics by  Stephen Hansen and Michael McMahon

The Democratization of Credit and the Rise in Consumer Bankruptcies by   Igor Livshits, James C. Mac Gee, and Michèle Tertilt

Measuring Uncertainty about Long-Run Predictions by  Ulrich K. Müller and Mark W. Watson

URL: https://restud.oxfordjournals.org/content/current

Courtesy: Oxford Journals

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