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Land Economics, Vol. 92 Issue 4, Nov 2016



Global Food Demand and Carbon-Preserving Cropland Expansion under Varying Levels of Intensification by Johnson, Justin Andrew; Runge, Carlisle Ford; Senauer, Benjamin; Polasky, Stephen

Assessing Cost-effectiveness of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and Interactions between the CRP and Crop Insurance by Ruiqing Miao; Hongli Feng; Hennessy, David A.; Xiaodong Du

Efficiency of Viable Groundwater Management Policies by Guilfoos, Todd; Khanna, Neha; Peterson, Jeffrey M

Nudges, Social Norms, and Permanence in Agri-environmental Schemes by Kuhfuss, Laure; Préget, Raphaële; Thoyer, Sophie; Hanley, Nick; Le Coent, Philippe; Désolé, Mathieu

The Impact of Residential Development Pattern on Wildland Fire Suppression Expenditures by Clark, Anna M.; Rashford, Benjamin S.; McLeod, Donald M.; Lieske, Scott N.; Coupal, Roger H.; Albeke, Shannon E.

What Drives the Reuse of Municipal Wastewater? A County-Level Analysis of Florida by Yusuke Kuwayama; Kamen, Hannah

Economic Valuation of Environmental Quality Using Property Auction Data: A Structural Estimation Approachby Tadao Hoshino; Hayato Nakanishi

Is the German Retail Gasoline Market Competitive? A Spatial-Temporal Analysis Using Quantile Regression by Kihm, Alex; Ritter, Nolan; Vance, Colin

Individualized Geocoding in Stated Preference Questionnaires: Implications for Survey Design and Welfare Estimation by Johnston, Robert J.; Holland, Benedict M.; Liuyang Yao

A Production Function Analysis of Fisheries and Habitat: Open Access versus Optimal Management by Armstrong, Claire W.; Foley, Naomi S.; Kahui, Viktoria

URL: http://le.uwpress.org/content/current

Courtesy: UWPress

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