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World Development, Volume-88, Issue-1, December 2016



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Institutions, Foreign Direct Investment, and Domestic Investment: Crowding Out or Crowding In? by Kristine Farla, Denis de Crombrugghe, Bart Verspagen

Response to ‘Institutions, Foreign Direct Investment, and Domestic Investment: Crowding Out or Crowding In?by  Oliver Morrissey, Manop Udomkerdmongkol

Can Multinational Enterprises Light up Developing Countries?: Evidences from the Access to Electricity in sub-Saharan Africa by Matilde D’Amelio, Paola Garrone, Lucia Piscitello

Assessing Gender Inequality in Food Security among Small-holder Farm Households in urban and rural South Africa by Byela Tibesigwa, Martine Visser

The Good Life, Affluence, and Self-reported Happiness: Introducing the Good Life Index and Debunking Two Popular Myths by Jan Delhey, Leonie C. Steckermeier

Where do Property Rights Matter More? Explaining the Variation in Demand for Property Titles across Cities in Mexico by Paavo Monkkonen

The Effects of Migration on Collective Action in the Commons: Evidence from Rural China by Yahua Wang, Chunliang Chen, Eduardo Araral

Political Determinants of State Capacity in Latin America by Davide Grassi, Vincenzo Memoli

Television is More Effective in Bringing Behavioral Change: Evidence from Heat-Wave Awareness Campaign in India by Saudamini Das

The Less Extreme, the More You Leave: Radical Islam and Willingness to Migrate by Chiara Falco, Valentina Rotondi

Natural Resources and Economic Growth: A Meta-Analysis by Tomas Havranek, Roman Horvath, Ayaz Zeynalov

Achieving Sustainability and Development through Collective Action? An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of the Bore Pool Sharing Program on Farm Incomes and Crop Choices by Deepa Pradhan, Ram Ranjan

Does Gender Equality Promote Social Trust? An Empirical Analysis by Seo-Young Cho

“As a Husband I Will Love, Lead, and Provide.” Gendered Access to Land in Ghana by Isabel Brigitte Lambrecht

Corrigendum to “Can Informal Firms Hurt Registered SMEs’ Access to Credit?”  by Isabelle Distinguin, Clovis Rugemintwari, Ruth Tacneng

URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/0305750X/88

Courtesy: Elsevier


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