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Journal of Marriage and Family, Volume 78, Issue 5, October 2016



Trends in Children’s Family Instability, 1995–2010 (pages 1173–1183) by Susan L. Brown, J. Bart Stykes and Wendy D. Manning

Is Your Spouse More Likely to Divorce You if You Are the Older Partner? (pages 1184–1194) by Paula England, Paul D. Allison and Liana C. Sayer

Parenting Gains in Head Start as a Function of Initial Parenting Skill (pages 1195–1207) by Arya Ansari, Kelly M. Purtell and Elizabeth T. Gershoff

Children Living With Uninsured Family Members: Differences by Family Structure (pages 1208–1223) by Sharon Bzostek and Christine Percheski

Reexamining the Association of Maternal Age and Marital Status at First Birth With Youth Educational Attainment (pages 1252–1268) by Fenaba R. Addo, Sharon Sassler and Kristi Williams

Is Baby a Blessing? Wantedness, Age at First Birth, and Later-Life Depression (pages 1269–1284) by Heather M. Rackin and Melanie Sereny Brasher

The Role of Boomerang Fathers in Adolescent Female Depression (pages 1285–1299) by Daphne C. Hernandez, Emily Pressler and Cassandra Dorius

Father Absence and Adolescent Depression and Delinquency: A Comparison of Siblings Approach (pages 1300–1314) by Anna J. Markowitz and Rebecca M. Ryan

Do Young Mothers and Fathers Differ in the Likelihood of Returning Home? (pages 1332–1351) by Karen Benjamin Guzzo

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