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International journal of Health Services,46 (3) ,July 2016


Table of Contents

Special Section on Climate Change: The Impact of Climate Change on the Health of Populations

    • Joan R Villalbí and Irma Ventayol

Climate Change and Health in the Urban Context: The Experience of Barcelona

Social Determinants of Health in Scandanavian Countries

    • Kristian Heggebø

Health Effects of Unemployment in Denmark, Norway and Sweden 2007–2010: Differing Economic Conditions, Differing Results?

The Impact of Austerity Policies in Europe

    • Patricia López Pereira, Ana Pagá Casanova, and Belén Sanz-Barbero

A “Before and After” in the Use of Emergency Services in Spain?: The Impact of the Economic Crisis

Are the Market Incentives in Europe Providing More Choice to Users of Health Services?

    • Maike Schulz

Do Gatekeeping Schemes Influence Health Care Utilization Behavior Among Patients With Different Educational Background? An Analysis of 13 European Countries

The Need to Have Workers’ Perspectives in the Production of “Objective Sciences” in Occupational Health

    • Karen Messing

Pain and Prejudice: Does Collecting Information From the Standpoint of Exposed Workers Improve Scientific Examination of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders?

Workers’ Mobilization and Its Impacts on Working Conditions: The Pizza Workers Case

    • Ji-Eun Park and Myoung-Hee Kim

Roles of Social Movement Organizations for Securing Workers’ Safety in Korea: A Case Study of Abolition of the 30-Minute Delivery Guarantee Program in Pizza Delivery Service

Do Economic Inequalities Affect the Health Of Populations?

    • Juan Cruz Ferre

Economic Inequalities in Latin America at the Base of Adverse Health Indicators

The Failures of the Pharmaceutical Industry

    • Sonali Saluja, Steffie Woolhandler, David U. Himmelstein, David Bor, and Danny McCormick

Unsafe Drugs Were Prescribed More Than One Hundred Million Times in the United States Before Being Recalled

    • Sylvia Park and Euna Han

Do Physicians Change Prescription Practice in Response to Financial Incentives?

Do Preventative Services Reduce Usage of Medical and Hospital Services?

    • Wei-Hua Tian

The Effect of Free Adult Preventive Care Services on Subsequent Utilization of Inpatient Services in Taiwan

The Dramatic Situation of the Syrian Refugee Population

    • Merve Ay, Pedro Arcos González, and Rafael Castro Delgado

The Perceived Barriers of Access to Health Care Among a Group of Non-camp Syrian Refugees in Jordan

URL: http://joh.sagepub.com/content/46/3.toc

Courtesy: Sage

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