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Feminist Economics, Volume 22, Number 4, October 2016



The Gender Wage Gap in Offered, Observed, and Reservation Wages for Spain by María Arrazola & José de Hevia

The Gendered Nature of Poverty in the EU: Individualized versus Collective Poverty Measures by Marcella Corsi, Fabrizio Botti & Carlo D’Ippoliti

Breaking with Dogma: Unorthodox Consumption Patterns and Women’s Labor Market Outcomes in Turkey
by F. Kemal Kızılca

Against the Wind: Labor Force Participation of Women and Economic Instability in Iran by Mahdi Majbouri

The Feminization U in South Africa: Economic Structure and Women’s Labor Force Participation by Leanne Roncolato

Reading Elinor Ostrom through a Gender Perspective by Zofia Łapniewska

Book Reviews

The Remaking of Social Contracts: Feminists in a Fierce New World by Gita Sen and Marina Durano
Maria S. Floro

Finding Time: The Economics of Work-Life Conflict by Heather Boushey  by Katherine A. Moos

Gender, Development, and Globalization: Economics as if All People Mattered by Lourdes Benería, Günseli Berik, and Maria S. Floro İpek İlkkaracan

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