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Challenge, Volume 89, issue4, July-August2016



Letter from the Editor by Jeff Madrick


The U.S. Economy Can Grow Faster by Josh Bivens

We’re Not Broke: America’s Real Spending Problem and How to Fix It by Thomas L. Hungerford

‘The People’s Budget’: Analysis of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget for Fiscal Year 2017 by Hunter Blair

Cyclical Misconceptions Driving Policy Mistakes: Keys to the Productivity Puzzle by Anirvan Banerji & Lakshman Achuthan

The IMF’s Lost Influence in the 21st Century and Its Implications by  Mark Weisbrot

The National Economy and Mainstream Economics: A Sociologist’s Take on the Economy and Mainstream Economics by  Herbert J. Gans

Book Review

Inferior People by Mike Sharpe

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