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Tourism Economics ,February 2016; 22 (1)



  • Marta Disegna and Linda Osti
  • Tourists’ Expenditure Behaviour: The Influence of Satisfaction and the Dependence of Spending Categories
  • Christer Thrane
  • The Determinants of Norwegians’ Summer Tourism Expenditure: Foreign and Domestic Trips
  • Hasan Akca, Murat Sayili, and Reyhan Cafri
  • Analysing Expenditure of Same-Day Visitors in Cave Tourism: The Case of Turkey
  • Cristina Bernini and Maria Francesca Cracolici
  • Is Participation in the Tourism Market an Opportunity for Everyone? Some Evidence from Italy
  • Henry Thompson
  • Tourism Demand and Wages in a General Equilibrium Model of Production
  • Marina Tkalec and Maruška Vizek
  • The Price Tag of Tourism: Does Tourism Activity Increase the Prices of Goods and Services?
  • Simone Marsiglio
  • Uncertainty, Crowding Aversion and Tourism Aversion in Tourism Destinations
  • Xesús Pereira López, Melchor Fernández Fernández, and André Carrascal Incera
  • The Economic Impact of International Students in a Regional Economy from a Tourism Perspective
  • Barry A.N. Bloom and Leonard A. Jackson
  • Abnormal Stock Returns and Volume Activity Surrounding Lodging Firms’ CEO Transition Announcements
  • Johan Fourie, Jaume Rosselló, and María Santana-Gallego
  • Research Note: Which God is Good for Tourism?
  • Junwook Chi
  • Research Note: Employment and Wage Sensitivity to Tourism Activities – The Case of US Tourist Arrivals and Expenditure in Hawaii
  • Mei Candy Fung, Mei Tang Fung, Nada Kulendran, Brian King, and Matthew H.T. Yap
  • Research Note: Using Demand Determinants to Anticipate Fluctuations in Hotel Occupancy
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