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K. N. Raj Library: Titles on display from 07-10-2016 to 14-10-2016


Following titles were recently added to the K. N. Raj Library Collection and were on display from 07-10-2016 to 14-10-2016.

1 Ansari,Husain Ashfaq, ed
Basic problems of OBC & dalit Muslims.–2 ed.– New Delhi : Serials Publications, 2010. 312,HB. ISBN : 9788183873932. Call No. 301.45297054 Q01

2 Ayyar, R V Vaidyanatha
The Holy grail: India’s quest for universal elementary education.– New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2016. 705,HB. ISBN : 978-0199463473. Call No. 339.1210054 Q61

3 Bhattacharyya, Amit
Storming the gates of heaven.– Kolkata: Setu Prakashani, 2016. 557,HB. ISBN : 978-9380677873. Call No. 323.20954 Q6

4 Bryceson, Deborah Fahy, ed
How Africa works: Occupational change, identity and morality.– Warwickshire: Practical Action Publishing, 2010. 299,PB. ISBN : 978-1853396915. Call No. 301.55096 Q0

5 Chakraborty, Pinaki , Chakraborty, Lekha and Mukherjee, Anit
Social sector in a decentralized economy: India in the era of globalization.– New Delhi: Cambridge University Press, 2016. 204,HB. ISBN : 9781107108561. Call No. 335.232200730054 Q6

6 Chatterjee, Partha, Kaviraj, Sudipta and Menon, Nivedita
Indian ideology: Three responses to Perry Anderson.– Ranikhet: Permanent Black, 2015. 171,HB. ISBN : 978-8178244549. Call No. 320.50954 Q5

7 Chichilnisky, Graciela, ed, Heal, Geoffrey, ed and Vercelli, Alessandro, ed
Sustainability: Dynamics and Uncertainty.– Dordrecht: Springer-Science+ Business Media, 1998. 333, PB. (Economics Energy Environment). ISBN : 978-9401060516. Call No. 337.4 N89999

8 Drèze, Jean, ed
Social policy: Readings on the economy, polity and society.– New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2016. 478,PB. (Readings on th Economy ,Polity and Soicety). ISBN : 9788125062844. Call No. 330.241 Q6

9 Freund, Caroline
Rich people poor countries: The Rise of emerging-market tycoons and their mega firms.– Washington, D C: Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2016. 199,PB. ISBN : 9780881327038. Call No. 330.4001723 Q6

10 India, Registrar General (Vital Statistics Division)
Vital statistics of India based on the civil registration system 2012.– New Delhi: India, Registrar General (Vital Statistics Division), 2015. Call No. 312.095405(1) Q2

11 Indian Bureau of Mines
Indian Minerals Yearbook 2013, 3v: V1: General reviews, V2: Metals and alloys, V3: Mineral reviews.– Nagpur: Indian Bureau of Mines, 2015. Call No. 337.24005405(1) Q2.1-Q2.3

12 Jain, Bimal and Bansal, Isha
Goods and services tax: Introduction and way forward.– New Delhi: Bloomsbury, 2015. 885,PB. ISBN : 9789385436529. Call No. 333.2390054 Q5

13 Kelkar, Govind ed. and Krishnaraj, Maithreyi ed.
Women, land and power in Asia.– New Delhi: Routledge, 2013. 388,HB. ISBN : 9781138659858. Call No. 337.172005 Q3

14 Khan, Yasmin
The Raj at War: A People’s history of India’s Second World War.– Gurgaon: Random House India, 2015. 412,HB. ISBN : 978-0199753499. Alt. Title : India at war: The Subcontinent and the Second World War, published by OUP. Call No. 940.53 Q5

15 Mahdavi, Pardis
Crossing the Gulf: Love and family in migrant lives. California: Stanford University Press, 2016. 208,PB. ISBN : 978-0804798839. Call No. 338.232 Q61

16 Marmot, Michael
The Health gap: The Challenge of an unequal world.– London: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2015. 369,P0B. ISBN : 978-1408858004. Call No. 339.13 Q5

17 Miri, Mrinal, ed
The Idea of surplus: Tagore and contemporary human sciences.– New Delhi: Routledge India, 2016. 253,HB. ISBN : 9781138639911. Call No. 128 Q6

18 Panayi, Panikos
An Immigration history of Britain: Multicultural racism since 1800.– Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd, 2010. 392,PB. ISBN : 978-1405859172. Call No. 338.2320042 Q0

19 Rist, Gilbert and Camiller, Patrick, tr
The Delusions of economics: The Misguided certainties of a hazardous science.– London: Zed Books, 2011. 211,PB. ISBN : 978-1-84813-922-0. Call No. 330 Q16

20 Rochon, Louis-Philippe, ed and Rossi, Sergio, ed
An Introduction to macroeconomics: A Heterodox approach to economic analysis .– Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2016. 418,PB. ISBN : 9781782549376. Call No. 330.23 Q51

21 Rogers, Chris
Capitalism and its alternatives.– London: Zed Books, 2014. 170,PB. ISBN : 978178032735. Call No. 330.52 Q44

22 Roy, Ananya , Negron-Gonzales, Genevieve , Opoku-Agyemang, Kweku and Talwalker, Clare
Encountering poverty : Thinking and acting in an unequal world .– Oakland ,California: University of California Press, 2016. 199,PB. (Poverty Interrupted). ISBN : 9780520277915. Call No. 339.22 Q63

23 Rushkoff, Douglas
Throwing rocks at the Google bus: How growth became the enemy of prosperity.– New York: Portfolio/Penguin, 2016. 278,HB. ISBN : 9781617230172. Call No. 336.3522 Q61

24 Schiemann, W John
Does torture work?– New York: Oxford University Press, 2016. 315,HB. ISBN : 9780190262365. Call No. 364.60973 Q6

25 Singh, A. Didar and Rajan, S. Irudaya
Politics of migration: Indian emigration in a globalised world.– Abingdon: Routledge , 2016. 198,HB. ISBN : 978-1138666757. Call No. 338.232 Q62

26 Tamil Nadu, Economics and Statistics, Dept. of
Statistical handbook of Tamil Nadu 2015.– Chennai: Tamil Nadu, Economics and Statistics, Dept. of, 2015. 605, PB. Call No. 332.6600548205(4) Q5

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