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American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, August 2016, v. 8, iss. 3


Inducing Leaders to Take Risky Decisions: Dismissal, Tenure, and Term Limits by Aghion, Philippe; Jackson, Matthew O

Naked Exclusion and the Volatility of Innovation by Stefanadis, Christodoulos

Comparative Risk Aversion in the Presence of Ambiguity by  Guetlein, Marie-Charlotte

Screening for Good Patent Pools through Price Caps on Individual Licenses by  Boutin, Aleksandra

Keeping Secrets: The Economics of Access Deterrence by  Henry, Emeric; Ruiz-Aliseda, Francisco

Strategic Information Acquisition and Transmission by Argenziano, Rossella; Severinov, Sergei; Squintani, Francesco

Search Advertising by de Corniere, Alexandre

Either or Both Competition: A ‘Two-Sided’ Theory of Advertising with Overlapping Viewerships by  Ambrus, Attila; Calvano, Emilio; Reisinger, Markus

Just Enough or All: Selling a Firm by Ekmekci, Mehmet; Kos, Nenad; Vohra, Rakesh

Bailouts and the Preservation of Competition: The Case of the Federal Timber Contract Payment Modification Act by Roberts, James W.; Sweeting, Andrew

The Utilitarian Relevance of the Aggregation Theorem by  Fleurbaey, Marc; Mongin, Philippe

URL: https://www.aeaweb.org/journals/mic

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