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Finance India, Volume 30, Issue 2, June 2016



China- India growth Story: One belt one road- the new sil route by J D Agarwal, Manju Agarwal and Aman Agarwal

Open interest, basis, volume and spot volatility during growth, crisis and stable period: Evidence from Indian stock, market by M. Thenmozhi, Sony Thomas and Abhijeet Chandra

Microfinance as a new poverty- combating instrument: Achievements, challenges and prospects ( case of Tunisia) by Mohamed Hadji Belgaroui and Imen Ellili Belgaroui

Stock selection skills of fund managers in India: An empirical investigation by Kavita Arora

Price discovery and casuality in selected Agricultural Commodities by Raj Kumar and Ekta Rajilwal

Volatility in stock market during the time of union budget by Pranav Saraswat and Jatin Banga

Progressive taxes and income inequality: Empirical evidence from Nigeria by O. J.Illaboya and A S Omoye

Impact  of Financial crisis on the volatility of Indian Commercial Banks’ stock Prices by Shveta Singh and Anita Makkar

Courtesy: IIF

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