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South Asian Journal of Socio-Political Studies; Vol. 17, No. 1, December 2016



  • Neroliberal Urban Redevelopment and Displacement by Dr. Mrutuyanjaya Sahu
  • Ethics and Value System: Pointers of Good Governance in India by Dr. Padmalaya Mahapatra
  • Policies, Calculations and Approaches of India and China Towards Myanmar by Dr. Munmun Mahumdar
  • Kargil War and its aftermath on India-Pak Relations by Benny Thomas
  • The 14th Assembly Polls (2016) in Kerala: Mandate for Clean Governance by Dr. M.R. Biju
  • Impact of Climate Induced Natural Disasters in Costal Odisha focused on Socio-Economic Vulnerability by Dr. Ashutosh Mohanty
  • Impact of Cooperative Learning on Cohesiveness of Students of Different Personality Types by Dr. Reena Agarwal
  • The state of Elderly in India: Issues and Challenges by Dr. Madhu Thawani
  • Exploring Sex Trafficking: Concerns From Feminism and Gender Studies by Babika Khawas
  • Liberalism in Dilemma: The Future of Multiculturalism and Identity By Bushra Beegom.R.K
  • Substance Abuse Among Adolesents: Effect of a Life Skills Education Based Preventive Interview by Parvathy.V
  • Empowerment of Urban Women under Kudumbashree Mission by Chithra. V.R
  • Small Tea Growers(STGs) in Tea Plantation Industry by Diganta Kr. Mudoi
  • Snapshot of Entrepreneurial Development by Dr. L.Rathakrishanan
  • FDI in e-Commerce Market Place Model: Issues and Challenges by Dr. Shahir Bhatt
  • The Indian Construction Sector – An Analysis Review by S.K. Yadav
  • Analysis of e-Government Development Index (EGDI) Using Socio-Economic Indicators by Yudhishthira Sapru
  • Taxpayers’ Rights: Conceptualization and Dimensions of Income Tax Department of India by Dr. Anshu Dawer
  • The Impact of Protean and Boundaryless Career Orientations on Organisational Commitment by Dr. Kiran Mor
  • Effectiveness of Professinalism in the State Level Public Sector Enterprises by Dr. K.Asokan
  • Tourism Industry in India: Emerging Trends and Challenges by Dr. Suganthi S. Kumar

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