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Health Policy and Planning Volume 31, Issue 7 , September 2016



  • Eiko Saito, Stuart Gilmour, Daisuke Yoneoka, Ghan Shyam Gautam, Md Mizanur Rahman, Pradeep Krishna Shrestha, and Kenji Shibuya
  • Inequality and inequity in healthcare utilization in urban Nepal: a cross-sectional observational study
  • Tiziana Leone, Ernestina Coast, Divya Parmar, and Bellington Vwalika
  • The individual level cost of pregnancy termination in Zambia: a comparison of safe and unsafe abortion
  • Svetlana V Doubova, Frederico C Guanais, Ricardo Pérez-Cuevas, David Canning, James Macinko, and Michael R Reich
  • Attributes of patient-centered primary care associated with the public perception of good healthcare quality in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and El Salvador
  • Rajesh Kumar Rai, Prashant Kumar Singh, and Chandan Kumar
  • Is the use of maternal healthcare among prospective mothers higher in households that have experienced maternal death? Evidence from India
  • Jay Pan, Sen Tian, Qin Zhou, and Wei Han
  • Benefit distribution of social health insurance: evidence from china’s urban resident basic medical insurance
  • James R M Hargreaves, Catherine Goodman, Calum Davey, Barbara A Willey, Bilal Iqbal Avan, and Joanna RM Armstrong Schellenberg
  • Editor’s Choice: Measuring implementation strength: lessons from the evaluation of public health strategies in low- and middle-income settings
  • Aarushi Bhatnagar and Asha S George
  • Motivating health workers up to a limit: partial effects of performance-based financing on working environments in Nigeria
  • Daniel S O’Neil, Wanda C Lam, Patience Nyirangirimana, William B Burton, Michael Baganizi, Sam Musominali, Deus Bareke, and Gerald A Paccione
  • Evaluation of care access and hypertension control in a community health worker driven non-communicable disease programme in rural Uganda: the chronic disease in the community project
  • Abhishek Sharma, Warren A Kaplan, Maulik Chokshi, and Sanjay P Zodpey
  • Role of the private sector in vaccination service delivery in India: evidence from private-sector vaccine sales data, 2009–12
  • Samuel Abimerech Luboga, Bert Stover, Travis W Lim, Frederick Makumbi, Noah Kiwanuka, Flavia Lubega,
  • Assay Ndizihiwe, Eddie Mukooyo, Erin K Hurley, Nagesh Borse, Angela Wood, James Bernhardt, Nathaniel Lohman, Lianne Sheppard, Scott Barnhart, and Amy Hagopian
  • Did PEPFAR investments result in health system strengthening? A retrospective longitudinal study measuring non-HIV health service utilization at the district level
  • Simone Phillips, Soulivanh Pholsena, Jun Gao, and Valeria Oliveira Cruz
  • Stakeholder learning for health sector reform in Lao PDR
  • Caryn Bredenkamp and Leander R Buisman
  • Financial protection from health spending in the Philippines: policies and progress
  • Reviews
  • Cristina Lussiana
  • Towards subsidized malaria rapid diagnostic tests. Lessons learned from programmes to subsidise artemisinin-based combination therapies in the private sector: a review
  • Rosalind Miller and Catherine Goodman
  • Performance of retail pharmacies in low- and middle-income Asian settings: a systematic review
  • URL: http://heapol.oxfordjournals.org/content/31/7.toc
  • Courtesy: Oxfordjournals
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