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Food Policy, Volume 63, issue1, August 2016



The process of making trust related judgements through interaction with food labelling By Emma Tonkin, Samantha B. Meyer, John Coveney, Trevor Webb, Annabelle M. Wilson

Small is beautiful: firm size, prevention and food safetyBy Elodie Rouvière

National policy and state dynamics: A state-level analysis of the factors influencing the prevalence of farm to school programs in the United StatesBy Helena C. Lyson

Matching food with mouths: A statistical explanation to the abnormal decline of per capita food consumption in rural ChinaBy Xiaohua Yu, David Abler

Estimating the health impacts of food safety interventions: Optimal counterfactual selections via information criteria in small samples By Huiqiang Wang

Ethanol and field crops: Is there a price connection? By Andrea Bastianin, Marzio Galeotti, Matteo Manera

Does 25 cents more per day make a difference? The impact of livestock transfer and development in rural ZambiaBy Kashi Kafle, Alex Winter-Nelson, Peter Goldsmith

Universal food security program and nutritional intake: Evidence from the hunger prone KBK districts in Odisha By Andaleeb Rahman

How important is economic growth for reducing undernourishment in developing countries?By Bárbara Soriano, Alberto Garrido

Food scandals, media exposure, and citizens’ safety concerns: A multilevel analysis across Chinese citiesBy Peng Liu, Liang Ma

Export restrictions – Do consumers really benefit? The wheat-to-bread supply chain in SerbiaBy Ivan Djuric, Linde Götz

Value of parsimonious nutritional information in a framed field experimentBy Jisung Jo, Jayson L. Lusk, Laurent Muller, Bernard Ruffieux

Making personalised nutrition the easy choice: Creating policies to break down the barriers and reap the benefits By B.J. Stewart-Knox, J. Markovina, A. Rankin, B.P. Bunting, S. Kuznesof, A.R.H. Fischer, I.A. van der Lans, R. Poínhos, M.D.V. de Almeida, L. Panzone, M. Gibney, L.J. Frewer

URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/03069192/63

Courtesy: Elsevier

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