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Review of Agrarian Studies, Volume 6, Number 1 (January-June, 2016)


Research Articles

* Discrepancies: An Introduction  by Sanjay G. Reddy

* A Note on the Reliability of Agricultural Wage Data in India: Reconciliation of Monthly AWI Data for District-Level Analysis  by Takashi Kurosaki and Yoshifumi Usami

* Discrepancies in Data on Landholdings in Rural India: Aggregate and Distributional Implications by Deepak Kumar

* Discrepancies: Why Do GDP Growth Rates Differ?  by Morten Jerven

* Changes in India’s Rural Labour Market in the 2000s: Evidence from the Census of India and the National Sample Survey  by Jayan Jose Thomas and M. P. Jayesh

Research Notes and Statistics

Public-Sector Agricultural Extension in India: A Note  by Sajesh, V. K. and Suresh, A.


Editor’s Introduction Editor, Review of Agrarian Studies

National Policy for Farmers: Ten Years Later by M. S. Swaminathan

A Betrayal by Governments by Hannan Mollah and Vijoo Krishnan

Book Review

Plantation Workers in Sri Lanka  by John Cameron

* In Focus
Discrepancies: Edited by Sanjay G. Reddy
Courtesy: RAS
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