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South Asian Studies, Volume 48, Issue 1; January- June 2013



South Asia’s Geographical primacy and historical legacy predisposed to SAARC’s Geopolitical rumblings and regional integration prospects by Y. Yagama Reddy

Higher education and social justice in Nepal by Savitrre Thapa Gurung

Multilateral trade in SAARC regional corporation or competition by Satya Bhan Yadav

Issues in Tibetan refugees in Nepal: Causes and Consequences by Deo kumari Gurung 

Analysis of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act as an anti- poverty Program in rural India by Vandana Kumari Rameshwar Jat

Political representation of women in Nepal by Dhan Prasad Pandit

India- Kazakhstan relations: Challenges, potentials and realizations by Vineeta Bhatt

India- Bangladesh Relations : Quest for cooperation by Sanjay K Bharadwaj

Reading movement-time Editorials: The Rhetorical position of the Kathmandu post and the Himalayan times by Hem Raj Kafle

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