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The Journal of Finance, Volume 71, Issue 2; April 2016



Boarding a Sinking Ship? An Investigation of Job Applications to Distressed Firms by JENNIFER BROWN and DAVID A. MATSA

Learning about Consumption Dynamics by MICHAEL JOHANNES, LARS A. LOCHSTOER and YIQUN MOU

Information Flows in Foreign Exchange Markets: Dissecting Customer Currency Trades by LUKAS MENKHOFF, LUCIO SARNO, MAIK SCHMELING and ANDREAS SCHRIMPF

Conglomerate Investment, Skewness, and the CEO Long-Shot Bias by CHRISTOPH SCHNEIDER and OLIVER SPALT

Order Flow and Expected Option Returns by DMITRIY MURAVYEV

Cream-Skimming in Financial Markets by PATRICK BOLTON, TANO SANTOS and JOSE A. SCHEINKMAN

Does It Pay to Bet Against Beta? On the Conditional Performance of the Beta Anomaly by SCOTT CEDERBURG and MICHAEL S. O’DOHERTY

The Labor Market for Directors and Externalities in Corporate Governance by DORON LEVIT and NADYA MALENKO

An Information-Based Theory of Time-Varying Liquidity by BRENDAN DALEY and BRETT GREEN

Indirect Incentives of Hedge Fund Managers by JONGHA LIM, BERK A. SENSOY and MICHAEL S. WEISBACH

Procyclical Capital Regulation and Lending by MARKUS BEHN, RAINER HASELMANN and PAUL WACHTEL

Health and Mortality Delta: Assessing the Welfare Cost of Household Insurance Choice by RALPH S.J. KOIJEN, STIJN VAN NIEUWERBURGH and MOTOHIRO YOGO

URL : http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jofi.2016.71.issue-2/issuetoc

Courtesy : Wiley

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