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Journal of Marriage and Family, Volume 78, Issue 4; August 2016



by Elizabeth M. Riina, Adam Lippert and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn

Intergenerational Relationships

My Pride and Joy? Predicting Favoritism and Disfavoritism in Mother–Adult Child Relations by J. Jill Suitor, Megan Gilligan, Siyun Peng, Gulcin Con, Marissa Rurka and Karl Pillemer

Of General Interest

The Gendered Division of Housework and Couples’ Sexual Relationships: A Reexamination by Daniel L. Carlson, Amanda J. Miller, Sharon Sassler and Sarah Hanson
Repartnering After Union Dissolution in Later Life by Christoph M. Schimmele and Zheng Wu
Consequences of Dating for Post-divorce Maternal Well-being by Michael R. Langlais, Edward R. Anderson and Shannon M. Greene
Father’s Migration and Leaving the Parental Home in Rural Mozambique by Sophia Chae, Sarah R. Hayford and Victor Agadjanian
Explaining Gender Inequalities That Follow Couple Migration by Natascha Nisic and Silvia Maja Melzer
Differences in Family Norms for Men and Women Across Europe by Arieke J. Rijken and Aart C. Liefbroer
Comparing Parents of Children With Down Syndrome at Different Life Span Stages by Briana S. Nelson Goff, J. Kale Monk, Juliana Malone, Natira Staats, Allison Tanner and Nicole P. Springer

URL :http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jomf.2016.78.issue-4/issuetoc

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