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Indian Pre-Decision Booklet


Published by ILO, May 2015

Many migrant workers have unrealistic expectations and insufficient
information about recruitment procedures, employment and living
conditions abroad, labor laws and workers’ rights in countries of
destination, and social costs of migration. This lack of information
on migration has placed a staggering number of migrant workers in
vulnerable and risky economic and social situations. The availability
and accessibility of adequate and up-to-date information is therefore
crucial for individuals to make informed decisions and avoid fraudulent practices and other pitfalls in the migration process.
This pre-decision booklet is part of a series of migration
information materials developed for Indian health workers under
the International Labour Organization (ILO) Decent Work Across
Borders(DWAB)1project which seeks to facilitate an approach
to migration that benefits the migrant workers, the source and
destination countries within a rights-based framework for labor
migration management. The migration information materials seeks
to address information needs of migrant health workers at all the
stages of migration — from pre-decision to return and reintegration.
This booklet focuses on information needed by workers prior to
making a decision to migrate for work overseas. Some aspiring
migrants have opted to abandon plans to move to another country
after receiving information on actual living and employment
conditions abroad. Pre-decision information is crucial in the
fight against illegal recruitment practices.
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