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World Development, Volume 67, March 2015



Unintended Consequences of Community-Based Monitoring Systems: Lessons from an HIV Prevention Intervention for Sex Workers in South India By Monica R. Biradavolu, Kim M. Blankenship, Annie George and Nimesh Dhungana.
Skills and Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa: Analysis with Evidence from Swaziland By Zuzana Brixiová, Mthuli Ncube and Zorobabel Bica ba.
Effect of Certified Organic Production Systems on Poverty among Smallholder Farmers: Empirical Evidence from Kenya By Oscar I. Ayuya, Eric O. Gido, Hillary K. Bett, Job K. Lagat, Alexander K. Kahi and Siegfried Bauer.
Finance and Growth for Microenterprises: Evidence from Rural China By Thorsten Beck, Liping Lu and Rudai Yang.
Workfare as an Effective Way to Fight Poverty: The Case of India’s NREGS By Shamika Ravi and Monika Engler.
India’s Struggle Against Malnutrition—Is the ICDS Program the Answer? By Monica Jain.
Bread, Justice,or Opportunity? The Determinants of the Arab Awakening Protests By Matthew Costello, J. Craig Jenkins and Hassan Aly.
Financial Literacy among Working Young in Urban India By Sobhesh Kumar Agarwalla, Samir K. Barua, Joshy Jacob and Jayanth R. Varma.
Does Commercial Microfinance Belong to the Financial Sector? Lessons from the Stock Market By Marie Brière and Ariane Szafarz.
Redesigning the Indian Food Security System through E-Governance: The Case of Kerala By Silvia Masiero.
The Unintended Consequence of an Export Ban: Evidence from Benin’s Shrimp Sector By Romain Houssa and Marijke Verpoorten.
Fair Enough? Food Security and the International Trade of Seafood By Frank Asche, Marc F. Bellemare, Cathy Roheim, Martin D. Smith and Sigbjørn Tveteras.
When Assets are Vulnerabilities: An Assessment of Informal Recyclers’ Livelihood Strategies in Buenos Aires, Argentina By Kate Parizeau.
Revisiting the Modernization Hypothesis: Longevity and Democracy By Joannes Jacobsen.
International Comovement of Economic Fluctuations: A Spatial Analysis By Miao Wang, M.C. Sunny Wong and Jim Granato.
Does Political Activism and Affiliation Affect Allocation of Benefits in the Rural Employment Guarantee Program: Evidence from West Bengal, India By Upasak Das.
The Impact of Income and Non-Income Shocks on Child Labor: Evidence from a Panel Survey of Tanzania By Amarakoon Bandara, Rajeev Dehejia and Shaheen Lavie-Rouse.
Technological Change, Skill Demand, and Wage Inequality: Evidence from Indonesia By Jong-Wha Lee and Dainn Wie.
Mobilization, Participatory Planning Institutions, and Elite Capture: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Rural Kenya By Ryan Sheely.
Social Preferences and Agricultural Innovation: An Experimental Case Study from Ethiopia By Bereket Kebede and Daniel John Zizzo.
Aid Externalities: Evidence from PEPFAR in Africa By Melissa M. Lee and Melina Platas Izama.
URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/0305750X/67
Courtest: ScienceDirect

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