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American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics: Vol. 5 No. 4 (October 2013)

Time-Varying Effects of Oil Supply Shocks on the US Economy (pp. 1-28) by Christiane Baumeister and Gert Peersman
Aggregate Implications of Lumpy Investment: New Evidence and a DSGE Model (pp. 29-67) by Rüdiger Bachmann, Ricardo J. Caballero and Eduardo M. R. A. Engel
Safety Traps (pp. 68-106) by Kenza Benhima and Baptiste Massenot
The Wrong Shape of Insurance? What Cross-Sectional Distributions Tell Us about Models of Consumption Smoothing (pp. 107-40) by Tobias Broer
A Pitfall with Estimated DSGE-Based Government Spending Multipliers (pp. 141-78) by Patrick Fève, Julien Matheron and Jean-Guillaume Sahuc
Democracy and Reforms: Evidence from a New Dataset (pp. 179-204) by Paola Giuliano, Prachi Mishra and Antonio Spilimbergo
Weak States and Steady States: The Dynamics of Fiscal Capacity (pp. 205-35) by Timothy Besley, Ethan Ilzetzki and Torsten Persson

URL: http://www.aeaweb.org/articles.php?doi=10.1257/mac.5.4

Courtesy: American Economic Association

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