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Journal of Income and Wealth, Volume 33, No: 2, July-December 2011



1)      Integrated Economic Statistics for Implementing 2008 SNA

A. C. Kulshreshtha

2)      Health and Education Accounts


3)      Health Care Output: A Framework towards Measurement

Subhendu Chakrabarthi

4)      An Improvement to Labour Input Method: The Case of Health Care Services

Suparna Pal

5)      Analysis of Social Sector Spending across States over Time in India

Aditya Kumar Patra

6)      Share of Informal Sector and Informal Employment in GDP and Employment

Ramesh Kolli and Anindita Sinharay

7)      Informal Employment by Institutional Sectors and Activities in India

Ramesh Kolli and Anindita Sinharay

8)      Under-employment and Work among Women in Rural Andhra Pradesh

A. Amarender Reddy and Praduman Kumar

9)      ForexIntensity: Concept and its Estimates for Various Sectors in India

Tushar Das and Arun K. Sengupta

10)  Household Dept and Investment Surveys with reference to National Accounts

K. G. K. Suhba Rao

11)  Estimation of Value Added of Registered Manufacturing- Few issues

Ramesh Kolli, A. C. Sharma and L. S. Deswal

12)  Contribution of Railways in Natrional Accounts

Anindita Sinharay

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