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Prajnan, Vol XL, No (1-3) 2011



Vol: XL, No: 1, April-June 2011

  • Performance Analysis of Microfinance Institutions in India: What Drives their Valuation

Prakash Singh

  • Can Risk Monitoring of Banks by Subordinate Debt be made Effective by Non-Diversified Investments by Sector Specific Mutual Funds in India

Gaurav Singh Chauhan, A Kanagaraj

Brief Articles, Notes and Comments

  • Queuing Theory: A Model for Improving Customer Satisfaction in the Nigerian Banking Industry

Mayowa Gabriel Ajao

Vol: XL,  No: 2, July-September 2011

  • Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Commitment in Indian Context

Leenu Narang,  Lakhwinder Singh Kang

  • Benchmarking Credit Risk Management Operations and Systems at Transaction Level: An Evaluation of Indian Commercial Banks

Anju Arora

  • Determinants of Customer’s Satisfaction in ATM Service Setting: Empirical Evidences from India

Vijay M Kumbhar

Brief Articles, Notes and Comments

  • India-European Free Trade Agreement: Comparison of the Banking Regulations at Macro Level

Mahalakshmi M, Shanthilakshmi M

Vol: XL,  No: 3, October-December 2011

  • Operational Risk Management: A Study of Practices in Indian Banks

Yogieta S. Mehra

  • Dynamic Interrelationship between Stock and Foreign Exchange Markets: Evidence from India

P Sakthivel, B Kamaiah

  • Estimating the Tails: Application of EVT in Indian Capital Market

Malay Kanti Roy, Hirak Roy, Surajit Ghosh

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